Representatives of the LH-Crypto project announced the repayment of 10% of the total number of LHC tokens sold at a double rate. Thus, even now, project investors can receive revenue from the sale of tokens until the completion of the ICO. 

These are tokens purchased by the clients of the broker Larson & Holz, the creator of the LH-Crypto project. They supported the project at the very beginning of its journey, buying LHC tokens for more than $ 1.42 million. Already, the broker’s clients doubled their investments, because at the time of purchase the price of the token was $ 0.1, and today it trades at $ 0, 2025 and continues to grow.

It was Larson & Holz customers who suggested that LH-CRYPTO ahead of schedule redeem every second token from the number purchased at the pre-ICO stage, without waiting for the coins to enter the stock exchanges. The company agreed to buy back some of the tokens at an increased price, demonstrating confidence in the success of the project.

The repurchase concerns a certain part of the tokens purchased by the clients of the broker Larson & Holz. The rest of the participants will be able to implement their tokens in standard order, via crypto-exchanges in February of this year.

Note that early redemption of tokens before the completion of the ICO, albeit for a limited group of investors, is a rare occurrence. Already on January 21, half of the tokens purchased by existing Larson & Holz customers at the pre-ICO stage will be written off from their personal offices, and the funds received for the sale will be credited to their trading accounts in US dollars. Thus, LH-crypto will buy 7.1 million tokens, that is, about 10% of the total issue.

Recall, ICO LH-Crypto started on October 30, 2017, at the moment the fees have already exceeded $ 8 million. The project team creates the first full-fledged version of the cryptobroker - a unit in which all calculations, as well as replenishment and withdrawal of funds, will be carried out in the crypto currency. Crypto-broker will allow its clients to make transactions with instruments of the FOREX, CFDs and Crypto-currency markets on the terms of margin lending. That is, the main product offered by the LH-CRYPTO project is internet trading for retail customers using leverage.

The sale of tokens will continue until the end of January. The founders of the project are sure that they will pass the “hard Cap” mark and collect more than $ 10 million.