Mai Linh, Vietnam’s oldest taxi company has partnered with Beowulf Blockchain to improve the user experience and the quality of life for its 30,000 drivers.

Beowulf is a B2B platform that provides exceptional communication services with worldwide infinite scalability. Mai Linh is one of the oldest and most recognized taxi companies in Vietnam with over 30,000 employees and 15,000 vehicles.

Mai Linh will adopt Beowulf’s SDK for in-app voice calling and messaging capabilities. This will enable the riders in more quick and efficient coordination for their rides. This adoption will lead to improved communication between the driver and the passenger without switching to another app or incurring extra mobile charges.

To help locate their passengers before rides, many drivers coordinate using messages and calls. Beowulf will help minimize the SMS and call charges for travelers and locals through its in-app solution for communication. This will also be a safer and more convenient way, as neither party will have to share their number when using this service.

This program will have another innovative feature that will enable the passengers to pinpoint their location using an annotation and free form drawing capabilities. This will be a two-way feature and will work for drivers as well. The whereabouts precision will be more accurate for both the driver and passenger.

The final component is this partnership between Mai Linh and Beowulf is the provision of HANA telemedicine service that will be provided to Min Linh’s 30,000 taxi drivers. HANA is a telemedicine service started by Beowulf that will help improve the quality of life for Mia Linh’s taxi drivers as they face unique challenges in accessing healthcare. Drivers can now receive consultations remotely for their health concerns. The program will allow them to communicate with specialist healthcare professionals, no matter where that day’s route takes them. 

Commenting on this partnership, Mai Linh’s CEO, Ho Huy said, “At Mai Linh Group, ensuring access to high quality and on-the-go healthcare for our drivers is at the heart of our mission, and we are excited to have a partner such as Beowulf Blockchain with whom we share this vision. Backed by Beowulf’s innovative telemedicine technology for remote consultations anytime and anywhere, even on the go, we are now able to bring this app-based telemedicine product for the first time to thousands of drivers across Vietnam.”