Major digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ripple and Ether have gained about 5-10 %. On July 3, the best performance in price rise was recorded in Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano. Cardano showed a daily increase of 16 % and EOS, a rise of 13%.

The volume of Bitcoin hit a $4.6 Billion and the volume of Ether rose to $1.7 Billion! Bitcoin Cash and Ripple doubled in volume since the last week.

This week, the cryptocurrency market maintained 2 stable days of surge price; making analysts optimistic about the general trend of digital assets.

The volume of USDT or Tether dropped from the yearly high of $4.5 billion. This drop led to a higher activity in crypto to crypto trade than crypto to stable coin among crypto-traders.

It is apparent that small cryptocurrencies and tokens will benefit more from the price surge. Tokens like Aelf, Ethos, Bluezelle, Gifto, etc rose by 10% against Bitcoin, which gained by 5%.

A significant rebound in daily cryptocurrency trade was noted. The volumes of small digital assets and tokens are still low, but, a change in the current trend is predicted which will greatly raise the volume.

The popular crypto-exchange, Coinbase, launched its first cryptocurrency custodianship; large scale investors and institutional investment firms will have a platform that is robust to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Major investors remain hopeful that the upward trend will hold, but a minor correction can be expected as the crypto-market has a tendency to rise too quickly. The corrections serve to stabilize the astronomical growth.

Meanwhile, experienced traders have been quick to grab the opportunity to either exchange smaller cryptocurrencies or to collect bigger ones; the bigger the volume of digital assets a trader has when the market moves towards a surge, the bigger their returns.

The crypto-market is getting easier to predict, with knowledgeable players seeking to study and map trends. Mapping trends is the first step towards understanding the market and its stability. With the current growth, the market for cryptocurrencies and tokens is looking up.