Feelium is a token-based platform which has raised over 3.86 million dollars since its pre-sale launch in early 2018. The Feelium platform offers smart contracts ad escrow services as utility features. The Feelium token facilitates these utility features on the platform. Users can engage smart contracts and escrow services for trust-less interactions cross-border. The token and platform will be open to any industry, big or small regardless of the nature of transaction. B2B, B2C and P2P transfers can be conducted on the Feelium platform.

Example: In recent years, rapid growth in the blockchain technology has opened doors for trust-less transactions. Digital escrow services available on Feelium completely changes our view of buyer-retailer interactions. We can use Feelium escrow services in conjunction with smart contracts for secure transactions from anywhere across the globe.

Pharmaceutical industries are multi-billion dollar industries, requiring huge transactions on a daily basis. Feelium escrow services are equipped to support these transactions with ease; only a minor transactional fee is applied. Imagine that a pharmaceutical company in the US wants to place an order with a drug manufacturer in Japan. To begin with, the company purchases Feelium tokens and deposits them in the optional escrow account that comes with the purchase.

Using the smart contract templates available on the website, the pharmaceutical company lists the terms of the purchase and sends a copy to the drug manufacturer. The manufacturer verifies the drug pricings, the availability of drugs and the date of delivery. The two parties discuss any changes required offline and finally validate the contract.

The drug manufacturer then ships the demanded drugs and uploads a copy of the shipment on the Feelium escrow account. The pharmaceutical company verifies the shipment and releases any amount required for the manufacturer to pay for the delivery. On delivery, the company rechecks the products against the list supplied and is satisfied that the transaction is complete. With a trigger from the company, payment is released from the escrow account to the drug manufacturer and both parties come away gratified.

If the pharmaceutical company is not satisfied with the shipment, the transaction is nullified; the drug manufacturer pulls back the shipment and the company receives the amount in the escrow account within a pre-determined amount of time. Feelium escrow services will help to greatly reduce many additional parties and extra costs sustained in such a transaction.


Feelium’s goal is to raise 21 million USD by the end of the pre-sale. Typically, investors experience long waiting periods before they can see returns in their investment. This is not the case with Feelium. The Feelium platform is ready and prepared for launch in just a few months’ time. The token pre and main sale funds will go to improving the platform’s many utility features and to reaching all prospective users.

Today, users can sign in to the token’s website, build a wallet and purchase Feelium tokens using credit, debit or bank transfer. The Feelium platform also offers an option to purchase through existing digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Buyers can use wallet to wallet transfer to pay through other digital currencies. Feelium offers a private key retrieval system in which users can retrieve their wallet through a request to the admin at anytime.

Feelium requires users to complete KYC/AML procedures before issuing tokens from a central agency.

Feelium aims to be a platform known for simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and a stable means of payment and exchange. Feelium wants to build an ecosystem that will lay the foundation for the growth and potential of global trade in the future. The Feelium pre-sale will end soon, after which prices will rise in the second round of token sale.

For more information about the Feelium Platform:

WEBSITE: www.feelium.co

WHITE PAPER: https://www.feelium.co/assets/images/Feelium-ICO-Whitepaper.pdf

ONE PAGER: https://www.feelium.co/assets/images/Feelium%20One-pager.pdf

REGISTER: https://www.feelium.co/register

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/feeliumcoingroup