Almost a third of Germans want to invest their money in the cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph reports with reference to the survey data of the local Postbank bank conducted among 3,100 residents of Germany.

Most respondents reported that the digital currency attracts them because of its independence from existing financial systems. 56% of men are interested in high return on investment, while only 36% women were interested in this aspect. Anonymity was also reported to be important for every third subject.

Digital currency is most popular among Germans aged 18 to 34 years. 6% of them have already invested in the cryptocurrency, and another 14% plan to do so within a year.

Head of the Digital Postbank department Thomas Mangel said that the sharp drop in the rate of cryptocurrency in recent months has not affected their popularity among the residents of Germany. He believes that this is due to lack of awareness about the risks of investing in digital money.

In March, Germany recognized bitcoin as legal tender.