“Whether you know it as a war or not, it is, in fact, a war.” – John McAfee

The internet security titan, John McAfee aired the above revelation through a video on his Twitter account. McAfee says that there are several powerful forces working against the progress of the cryptocurrency community.

McAfee daringly calls the government, banks, the SEC and credit card companies a few of the “enemy combatants”. Seemingly, these institutions have come together to stop cryptocurrency progress in its tracks. McAfee might be onto something; many credit card companies and banks recently withdrew support for cryptocurrency payments.

As a firm believer in cryptocurrencies, McAfee said –

“What can we do? Take action. Write your Congressman; it sounds silly [but] while they are still in power, make them work. Go into your bank and demand that they allow crypto transactions. If they say no, ask them to recommend a bank that will. Demand the credit card companies to allow crypto payments.”

McAfee believes that change will come when the cryptocommunity will become proactive, taking matters into their own hands. The community should urge the SEC not to classify cryptocurrencies as securities. McAfee continues – “We are not a security; we are coins, we are currency. They are frightened of us”.

Team McAfee published an 849-word document called “Declaration of Currency Independence”, a pledge of solidarity to the core ethos of the cryptocurrency movement. The text says –

“Where value was once proven by the strength of the Stat ‘at the end of a barrel’, humans have developed, demonstrated, and proliferated a technology capable of proving value through the expenditure of electricity via the irrevocable proof of math. Such a concept has never been accomplished prior to the initiation of the Bitcoin blockchain.”

The repetitive theme in the document is ‘Value’ and how the present fiat monetary system has manipulated the maintenance of the integrity of value. The document is available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch and 10 other languages. McAfee is among those who believe it’s time for decentralized, distributed governance.