An unknown investment fund from Hong Kong became the new owner of the Chinese bitcoin giant BTCC. The funds raised during the transaction will go to expand the conglomerate’s presence in different countries of the world after its departure from the Chinese market.


Back in the autumn of last year, BTCC was forced to suspend the operation of the BTCChinacryptographie due to pressure from the Chinese authorities. In addition, the future existence of the mining pool was also under threat, given the statements of all the same authorities on restrictive measures of influence on miners.

“So far, information about the new owner of BTCC and the value of the transaction has remained closed,” the BTCC representative said.

BTCC performance indicators for the year 2017 were quite impressive: the BTCC mining pool generated nearly $ 900 million in bitcoins, and the company’s own crypto-exchange accounted for $ 25 billion. In addition, BTCC’s own mobile purse, Mobi, was launched, users of which were already representatives of 180 countries of the world.

“The deal is a very significant event for BTCC, which serves as a logical continuation of all the tremendous work done by the company in recent years. 

I sincerely hope that the proceeds from this deal will further the development of BTCC, an even faster and more aggressive promotion of business in 2018 and for the future, “said Bobby LEE, Co-Founder of BTCC.


At the new stage of its activity, BTCC intends to focus on three key areas: the international mining pool, the Mobi wallet and the US dollar exchange site.