The first ICO appeared relatively long ago - more than three years ago. However, a special interest in ICO from the business community, the investment community, and the general public arose just this year. This is due to the fact that it was the year 2017 that brought a lot of interesting and significant projects for the industry, which in turn could attract a significant amount of financial resources.

With the increase in information accessibility, interest in the topic on the part of the media, the quality and transparency of the data provided by the projects, and also according to the logic behind the construction of the classical marketing funnel, wider coverage has led to an increase in the number of participants, both from the projects and from wishing to invest in them.

As with any other new business, the market of crypto-currencies in addition to respectable participants could not ignore the scammers. Today, we see how, along with the growth of the market, more and more distinct segments appear on it: groups of professional participants, crypto-enthusiasts, adventurers, i.e. those who just want to play this new game, dishonest players.

Recently, there is an increasing opinion that there has been a clear decline in interest in the ICO. Why is this happening? I am sure that this is a natural process. The market is growing at an incredible pace, while it is seriously transforming: some enthusiasts lost their initial fuse, the actions of a number of unfair projects were uncovered and blocked, some participants began to prepare for the ICO more seriously, and investors and the business community became more attentive and in a good sense of the word picky in the choice of projects. Spontaneous buying has replaced a thoughtful approach, in which a detailed analysis of the object of investment. Many investors study the results of past ICO, for example, those that took place in the summer of 2017, follow the stages of the development of projects, draw conclusions.

Positive trends in the market include not only a clearer and more transparent structure, but also the desire to resolve issues on legalization, the acquisition of understandable legal status and interaction formats. I believe that all this will contribute to the further development and strengthening of the market, consolidation, as a consequence, the increase of trust, which is especially important for the investment sphere.

This is evident from the practices of leading crypto-powers, such as Korea, Singapore, the United States. The market does not die, the market is transformed and it is very important for Russian projects to be at the forefront of these changes, to lead the entire world community.