HTC Exodus, which was announced in mid-May will be one of the first major-brand smartphones to specialize in blockchain encryption.

The aim of Taiwan-based HTC Exodus is to help owners keep their data encrypted on a device rather than the cloud. It’s easier to hack data on the cloud than a device.

Bryan Ma, device research VP with a market research firm called IDC in Singapore says that Huawei and Lenovo also have plans to manufacture their own cryptocurrency-friendly phones.

A company website dedicated to the new model says that the device will aid “interoperability” within blockchains, come with a “hardware stack” , and the device will connect to several cryptocurrencies.

The website also claims –

“Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus, we can now make this a reality.”

There is no pricing information on the website though it asks users to register for the product in advance. When phones are used for digital currency trading, the device can store and transfer information to the blockchain. The process will increase speed and security for the user.

Nate Fanders, co-founder of Mandala Exchange, an information service for cryptocurrencies traders, says,

“A mobile phone optimized for crypto-trading will absolutely be of interest to market participants. Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are 24/7. There is no 4 p.m. bell and simply having the ability to plug in whenever you need can only benefit the people in the space.”

Hopefully, HTC’s smartphone will start a new trend of devices adopting blockchain technology.